She slept. He gone.


Things end. People leave. And you know what? Life goes on.

Exactly what always happens to us.
Sometimes, our loved ones leave us for whatever the reason. And sometimes, without any reason too!

So today, I want to share a story of two Best Friends. Tom & Jerry! 😉
Before I start, let me introduce you with these two people.

So, Jerry is cute, simple, funny and a foody girl. And yes, the best thing about her is that she always wear a smile on her face that always attracts others. And sometimes distracts too! 😁
On the other hand, Tom is smart , calm, intelligent and funny too. Who knows how to handle things easily!

Just like their names ,their relationship or friendship was same.

They both were tuition friends. They met everyday, fought everyday but couldn’t live without each other. They both knew very well about each other. Like an ideal couple does or knows, but trust me they were only Best Friends!

When everything was going good in their lives,then disaster came between their friendship.

So, It was summer days, the month of June! When they both were in 11th class and on summer holidays! Tom was shifting to Dehradoon because of his father’s transfer! He never discussed anything about his and his father’s transfer with Jerry!

When Jerry’s phone beeped exactly at 12:00 pm. And she received a message from her best friend, Tom! 🙂

Tom, texted her few lines that- the moments we shared and the memories we created together will always make me smile & always make you cry. I have never thought that I would make you cry but…anyways good night!

She read the message and slept. Because she knew that Tom has habit to make prank. But this time he was not making any prank.:)

And the next morning, when she woke up, she received one more message from him- I know, you were thinking that I am joking or making prank. Haha..Its okay. Anyways, I am shifting to Dehradun. So,Don’t know when we would meet again. So take care and don’t change password of your Facebook id.

At that time her Facebook account and their parent’s mobile phones are the only source of their communication after tuition. Tom’s father was too strict so he never allowed him to touch his phone. So mostly after 11PM he could talk to Jerry.

This was the last messages or conversation they both had from one side! And when Jerry was trying to contact him, she called on to Tom father’s mobile phone.
But you know what, what happened?
His father’s mobile number was not more in service.:)

And then Jerry understands the last words by Tom. The moments we shared and the memories we created together will always make me smile & always make you cry. I have never thought that I would make you cry but…

So, this is the true and incomplete story of two Best Friends. When I heard this story, I was crying and then I promise myself that I would never fight or misunderstand my Friends over silly things.:)

I hope you may like it. And you would also make a promise to yourself.

Life is too short to argue!

Thanks & Regards
Manisha Jain
Keep smiling. Keep loving.


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