My Boring Wardrobe.


Wardrobe is full of clothes and still nothing to wear? Right ? Yes. Now, you have a big smile on your face.;)
Because this is the most worst and funniest situation we all face almost everyday. Like seriously, everyday!

I know you are thinking it can’t be the funniest situation! It would be the worst and the most annoying situation ever. Right? But trust me it would be the most funniest situation if you see someone else facing this problem! 😛 (I know its weird.)

Do you know what is reason of our boring wardrobe? No. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

1.We struggle not to wear same top , dress over and over. We can wear same jeans for two days but same top? nanana…Its impossible! 😉
Because Its all about the swag! 😀

2. When we don’t know what to wear, we wear Black. Especially me. And seriously I have mostly black clothes still I don’t have nothing to wear. 😛
I love Black color most. DO YOU?

3. And yes how can I forgot the biggest main reasons of my boring wardrobe. Of course our!
Waxing & Tanning! Yes, waxing & tanning. Right girls?
Only girls can understand this feeling. You know what? Waxing and tanning are Best Friends. Yaa, trust me!
Okay, if your hands are waxed you would wear cut sleeves clothes and then what? You would get tanned. Right?

So don’t dare to compete with your wardrobe. Your wardrobe is more smarter than you! 😉

Thanks & Regards!
Manisha Jain.
Keep smiling. Keep loving Black color.;)
And don’t forget to ping me! 😉



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