Should I confess? 

Hearts are broken by words unspoken.

Everyone in their life wants a guy or a girl or may be a someone special or better half. With whom we can spend our whole life. With whom we can talk for hours, can share anything , everything at anytime and the one who knows everything about you and who can do anything to make you smile or laugh even in your worst time. Right? We always look and want all these qualities in our better half or in our partner and more. And yes, obviously somewhere in our mind or heart we had already fixed up the picture of that person.

You feel happy and smile even blush sometimes when he/she do little things to make you smile. You feel special when your dreamgirl / dreamboy shares something only with you. 

(Now, stop thinking about your partner. 😉 )

When everything is going good. So what hurts you more? What irritates you most? 
When your words left unspoken.:’)

So now, I am here with my new story and most of the above with the most common phase in everyone’s life.

The story of a girl who likes or may be secretly in love with a boy more than a year. But she can’t confess her love or feelings to him. Because she doesn’t know – if the boy also have the same feelings for her?

I know, this is the sad truth! 

So, this blog is about your suggestions. Or a task for you. If you or your friend face problem something like this then what will you do ? Will you wait for a response or for signal from the other side ? Or will you confess your feelings? 

So, now leave your suggestions in comment box. Or text me on Whatsapp or facebook if you are added there. May be your suggestion or little efforts can help her or other people who are facing this problem.:)

In the end all i want to say that – If u love someone, make sure you tell them, or have you too left words unsaid? Hmm..? 


2 thoughts on “Should I confess? 

  1. Just confess her or him about ur feelings don’t think about what will be the response from other side…whatever will be the result firstly make sure that after that conversation both of them will remain gud friends and if result works than there is nothing to will become heaven..but please tell ur feelings to ur love already he or she should know what u actually think about him or her and how much u r serious or care for them ur love never put fingers on ur mouth..otherwise u will regret urself whole confident and share ur feelings to ur love..just try to convince ..let the result on god ..and after having any negative result don’t stop talking be frank and a gud guy .to her or him ..I just say make sure. U should at tell ur feelings that’s all

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  2. A good initiative by the writer and kudos to you for arising a question which boggles many people of all ages. Really do I need to say??? Content is awesome and I’m really fabbled by kinda language you use and frankness in it . I think I have already told this on previous blog of yours ,but still couldn’t resist myself. Coming to the question asked , I will be giving more thought to my reaction and my POA ( plan of action)after confessing than confession .and this totally depends on person to person . Whether a person is ascetic or hedonistic . But one thing that I know for sure is : don’t let go. Sometime journey is more Beautiful than destination.
    Also a special thanks ,if u read my non sensical , and naive answer by this far…


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