Its all about Humanity. 

Yesterday, In evening when I was looking for Riskshaw to come back home from my institute Kaushambi.I saw a man with his few bags and his family members were sitting on the roadside and looking for someone to help him.

As I was about to cross road he politely came to me with giant tears in his eyes start pleading me with his both hands and told his story in broken hindi.“Mam namaste , I am from Maharashtra. Please help me my child is hungry from the last night. I don’t have money to feed my child and family. A contractor promised me that he would give me work at the construction site of the government facility and house for living too there. But now he refused me to give me work and also he is not taking my call phones. I m helpless and I don’t have enough money to go back to my hometown Maharashtra. Please help me. My baby is hungry”. 

As we all know, at this time we can’t trust on anyone means anyone. Right ? Whether we know or don’t know that their problems are genuine or not.

So, when that man came to me for the help – First, I refused him and said I don’t have much money I have to go home. Then I noticed one thing or I should say that one thing attracted me so much of that man that – He is not begging me, he is just asking for help only and only for his child. 

Then, I went to my institute’s near by small canteen and bought a sandwiche for his child. And when I gave him he thanked me so much with tears in his eyes and that thing also made me cry at that time. And when I was going I saw that he was feeding his child that sandwiche.:)

At that time I was really felling proud that I helped someone whose problem is genuine or not begging me just asking for help.

And yes I also want to tell you all the most interesting thing that few weeks ago my Friend Madhulika also met this person in Vaishali.She also shared her incident on facebook too. Afterthat I called her and told her whole incident. 🙂

P.S.- Yes, that man was genuinely in trouble. May god bless him.

I request you all – If someone asks you for help and if you are in doubt that person’s problem is genuine or not then I will suggest you as a human being  give them some food. So that they can’t misuse your money.:)


4 thoughts on “Its all about Humanity. 

  1. That’s #smart😎 and #kind 😃 thinking!! Keep it up and proud urself!!👍😃😁 will follow ur statements!! 😎


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