And it would not describe her character!

She is the pretty, cute and the most happiest girl. She finds her happiness in every small packets. She is grown up and now she knows very well how to find happiness in small packets, how to make others happy. She was changing, she was changing her behaviour and  she was happy with these changes.:)

But how we can forget this in every single story there is a Villian! Yeah, Hell!! And that Villian might be the enemy of your smile, dream, happiness or every single thing that you love.:) But in her life the Villian is and will always be- “What People will say? What people will think?”

Yeah, this is the worst and the most irritatting line ever which can destroy you, your single dream in few seconds! *Bitter Truth*

Okay, now I’ll share an incident or a story with you that at which level this “What people will say?” can destroy to someone or make them angry, cry at every single day. 

She was fun loving girl and she loves to hangout with her friends & family. But that’s not an issue for those people, not for her family that “What people will think or say?” The problem or issue  is whenever she uploads a picture with a guy on social media her parents never ever ask her who’s this guy? With whom are you in this picture? They are always more concern with what people will say, what people will think? -_- They always start with why you have uploaded these picture on social media? Why do you always upload pictures with boys on social media? You are grown up..why don’t you think before uploading pictures on social media what people will say or think about your pictures? about you? About your family? 🙄

I don’t know what those people will think or say about her, about her family or about her character but what I believe is “Not a single picture can describe her and her character!” 

P.S. – If her parents are really more concern with what will  people say then they should give her some genuine reason or tell her something on which she can genuinely trust or believe! And I hope, she will definatly understand her parents and will never hurt them by her these kind of actions! 🙂

Leave your suggestions, thoughts in comments why her parents our more concern with What people will say? And now, I want to listen from you what you will think or say about this! 😉

Thank You.

Manisha Jain


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