What Should I call it? Suddenly…

I don’t know what should I call it – Love, attraction or something else.:)

Suddenly, you start feeling about someone but you also don’t know what that feeling is.(I know sounds awkard.)

Suddenly, You start thinking about someone all day and night then on another second you pretends yourself you don’t take care anymore or you would not think anymore about them.

Suddenly, you see your all future in front of your eyes with that someone special then on the other hand you make sure or warn yourself that It would not happen with you. Your future can’t be with them.:)

Suddenly, you want to open your heart in front of them or confess your feelings but on the other hand you see – you are loosing them.

Suddenly, you decides its better to be Strangers.Forever!

P.S. – This feeling is totally different! 🙈


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