Are you Educated? Yes? I don’t think so! :) 

Sometimes, I really think is there any use of Education? No, Actually i should ask can Education teach us the lessons of Humanity, Love, Care and can teach us that how to give respect someone..etc etc.. There are plenty, seriously there are plenty of questions that I need someone to explain or answer those questions! 

I know I am seriously asking stupid questions from you. But trust me sometimes I really get so confused between the person I am seeing or talking with is he/she really educated or what? 

“My concern is not with your Education but yes its defiantly with you!!!”

I don’t care whether you are educated or uneducated, whether you are a business man or auto-rikshaw driver and bla blaa…If you can’t give respect to someone, can’t understand their situation and the most important if you make others think that you are superior to them and make them feel that there is something missing or bad thing in them which is making you different from you and others…Then trust me you are totally totally uneducated people in love, humanity and care!! Then whether you are an Engineer, Doctor or whatever you are which I really don’t care! 

P.S. – I don’t want to hurt those people by saying Uneducated People! But when you read this story, you will get to know what was I trying to say by saying again and again Uneducated People!

Okay, so when I was coming home from my college in evening after giving my exam from Saket. I took metro from Malviya Nagar metro station and start moving towards Rajiv Chowk. So as when I entered in the Ladies coach I saw a Lady who was sitting on the third seat or close to that seat which is resevered for Old and Physically challeneged. I found a space there for me so I was standig there. 

After 2-3 stations, the seat which is meant for Old and Physically challenged people became vacant. Then one of the girl who was waiting to get a seat even before me she sat down. After getting sitting she notices that seat belongs to old and physically challenged ones. Obviously, neither she was old nor challenged by any physical disability. So she asked to shift that Lady (which I mentioned before) on her seat and she shifted to her seat. 

So, now you are thinking so what’s the matter? Why I m making it such a big issue by pointing out people and their education and all. Right? 

So the Lady who was sitting close to that particular seat. Neither did she belonged to that category but there was only one thing that made her disabled. That was – her face, neck and hands that the things about her was visible was burned due to an Acid Attack.

Is any more I can say or explain to you? The girl who asked her to shift was educated and according to her dressing sense It was predictable that she was working or handling a Multi-National Company. 

When some uneducated people say or do something like this we say “yeh gavar hai, logo ki feelings kya samjhege?” 

“Agar itni padi-likhi hoti toh aisi baaten hi nahi karti”

So, now people its high time GROW UP!! 

Let me tell you one more Hindi line that I always use when some educated people do such fucking things- “pade likhe gavar hai yeh!!” 


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