The Snapchat Story vs Our Story

We all are familiar with all the social media – Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and yes the most of the above Whatsapp. 

Whatsapp – which beats the scheme of normal text messages. 

Facebook & Instagram – which connect us online? Nah. They are the online media to show off! 

“I am eating this, watching this, reading this, feeling this…bla bla blaa.” It doesn’t mean I don’t do this or like this myself! Even I put these kind of statuses to let people know what I am doing or eating. 😛 We all do this. Its ok. It’s human nature. 😀 

Twitter – which is the only medium to abuse each other online. (This is what I realised in the last few months)  

Snapchat – Snapchat? Achaaa Snapchatttt. Oh haan Kya huaa?  Yes. This is our reaction nowadays when someone says or asks something about Snapchat.

P.S. – Snapchat was the first one which introduced us or gave birth to the “story of 24 hours” and it was the only one which gave the opportunity to their users to share or tell their day with their surrounding  pictures which will be invisible within 24 hours. 

But now, all the social media like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp following the scheme and all the features of Snapchat by introducing their new filters, effects and features to beat Snapchat badly. And we as users are now uninstalling the Snapchat, deleting our accounts and all. Just because Snapchat is too old yaarr. Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp now have all the features. Right? 

My concern is not with why we are uninstalling or deleting our accounts from Snapchat. 

My main concern is to show the similarity between our life, our thinking and these social media. I know, you all will be wondering what will be the similarities between them.

Just like, when we get or purchase a new thing, we take good care of that, try to learn about that and try to keep it safe in every possible way. But when we notice the thing we are using is now getting older or showing some problems and the same thing has been launched with some new and advance features, we all get attracted to the new thing and forget about that thing with which we have spent a long time and how we used to care about that.:) Right? 

Yes, that’s us. We all do this. We all do this with our things – phones, softwares and sometimes we all do this with our People also.:) Yes, bitter truth!

P.S.- As things or People get older, we don’t love or care for them, as we used to do earlier..:)



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